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6 Modules

Getting Started

Let's get you set-up for success to rock this course out.

Your Thoughts: What You Think Affects Every Choice You Make

In this module, we discuss why you think what you think, how it affects what actions you actually take, and how you can flip thoughts that are holding you back.

Containers: How You Set Structures and Systems for Yourself

In this module, we talk about boundaries, why we need them, and all the ways that women agree to things they don't really want to do, violating their boundaries. Then on the flip side, we talk about how systems and structures can help us set good boundaries for ourselves, and that ultimately, there might be no better boundary setter than our personal values.

Timing and Energy

This section of the course focuses on your timing and energy and how identifying it and working with it increases your power.

Capacity and Creativity

This is where we dive into the fun stuff - now that you've set good boundaries, how can you do more of what you want?


Some of these bonuses I planned into the course - like the morning routine video and workbook - and others came from requests during the workshop recording - like the organizational guides to these project management tools and templates, templates, templates galore!


This workshop course, designed to help you achieve the life you want by embracing yourself in every possible way, includes 4 masterclasses, a 29 page workbook, and a slew of bonuses to help you find success - INCLUDING Screentime Reboot and LinkedIn Makeover.

Coaching is available for an additional investment.

Modules for this course 6

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