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Screentime Reboot

3 Modules

Getting Started

Let's get you set-up for success to rock this course out.

Screentime Reboot

In this masterclass, learn why and how your phone is jacking up your brain and what you can do about it.


What makes a great course even more impactful? Great bonuses!

Screentime Reboot

An actionable, condensed course designed to help you develop a healthy relationship with your phone and get time back in your day. Includes:

  • The Screentime Reboot Masterclass
  • The Screentime Reboot Workbook
  • 10 Steps in 10 Days Checklist
  • The Screentime Reboot Toolkit
  • The Screentime Reboot Recommended Reading List


  • the short courses Your Morning Routine and The Rockstar Guide to Time Blocking (masterclasses and workbooks)
  • templates for your own weekly schedule, 4-week meal plan, and time blocking

Just imagine what you could accomplish with all your new-found time!

Modules for this course 3

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