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LinkedIn Makeover

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LinkedIn Makeover

LinkedIn is treated like the tagalong little sister of social media, in my opinion, and like all amazing little sisters (shout out to my own, Alicia!), you avoid this platform at your own peril.

Yes, LinkedIn is weird. No, it hasn't evolved the way the other platforms have. But by treating LinkedIn like a social media platform with its own inherent rules - not treating it like it's Facebook or Twitter - you reap the rewards of a platform solely designed for people wanting to do business. LinkedIn is all about networking, showing off, finding a job, and finding your next employee. Unlike Facebook where people are dedicated to arguing with their family members and Instagram where people are dedicated to faking their authentic lives, LinkedIn is actually where people buy or pay each other. On those other platforms, you've gotta keep with the language of the platform before anyone will know, like, or trust you.

Even better, most business people are boring AF on their LinkedIn, and it only takes a smidge of work to make your profile as dynamic and exciting as you are.

LinkedIn Makeover

A short course to upgrade your LinkedIn profile so it matches your personality and helps you achieve your goals. Includes one masterclass, 3 short video tutorials, and a workbook to set you up to rock this out.

What folks are saying

Cristin helped transform my LinkedIn profile from weak and confusing to powerful with a few helpful suggestions. Before her help, I was embarrassed about my page and didn't know how to best represent myself in a professional way. She took the time to create a video for me that pointed out the areas that needed work and actionable ways to pump up the volume. For example, I had no idea I could add anything more than the college I attended in my education section. Now that section is robust with all of the additional trainings and courses I've taken over the years. I now feel super confident when sharing my page to prospective employers.

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