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Build Your Own Table: Launch Your Big Idea Instead of Working on Someone Else's

5 Modules

Day 1 - Deciding on Your Service or Product

Day 2 - Pricing + Your Elevator Pitch

Day 3 - Setting Up Your Scheduler + Ways to Get Paid

Day 5 - Getting Testimonials and Client Referrals

Build Your Own Table: Launch Your Big Idea Instead of Working on Someone Else's

In this workshop course, learn how to set-up the initial systems you need to launch your own venture. We'll be covering:

  • Determining your service/product
  • Pricing yourself
  • Creating your elevator pitch
  • Setting up a calendar and scheduler so people can book with you
  • Taking payments
  • Using online tools, free and paid, to provide the service/product
  • Setting up your systems for testimonials and getting client referrals


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Modules for this course 5

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