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Turn One Video Into a Month of Content

Turn One Video Into a Month of Content

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to have a never-ending supply of original content? What gives? Do they have a TV studio in their basement? A personal videographer like Gary Vee?

We'll tell you the secret - what they have is a system that takes every piece of content they make and multiplies it. If you could take one video and amplify it by 30, how much content would you have? If you go live on your Facebook page once a week, what then? You would have a TON of quality, original content, and people would start to wonder if you have a TV studio in your 500 square foot apartment.

Join us and figure out how to turn one video into a month's worth of content.

8 Modules

Why a live video and other recommendations for optimization

Medium form content

What next?

Now, you have a great system to repurpose content.


In "What next?," we walk through what this system will allow you to do.

Next, we walk through tool recommendations, both free and paid, as well as a suggested workflow for getting this done.

Lastly, if your brain likes being told what to do, we walk through a good / better / best approach to this system, each with a matching sprint.

Modules for this course 8

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 $37.00 USD
 For an additional $27, get all the templates you'll need - audiograms, square videos, quote memes, tweets, and more – to complete this process. Plus, you'll get them in 4 distinct brand styles – Bold, Efficient, Charming, and Grounded – with accompanying royalty-free stock photo collections in Unsplash to match. All you have to do is add them to your Canva account and customize as needed!
 $64.00 USD
 For an additional $87, get this comprehensive tool that is part planner, part automated content calendar, and part social media analytics dashboard. Plus, you'll get a simple if/then guide to know what to do next based on your personal content repurposing results. Add this template to your own Google Drive and you'll be ready to get started!
 $151.00 USD

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